If the final destination of you journey is not the city of Odessa itself but any other city in Odessa region( for example Balta, Artsiz, Illichevsk or Izmail) we offer you to use our taxi service. You can order you transfer to any settlement in Odessa oblast(region) online right now on our website.

Experienced and professional drivers will take you to any city in Odessa region or in any other place in Ukraine with maximum comfort and absolutely safe!
Meeting at the airport by our driver with a sing with you name in his hands is free of charge.
This table contains approximate distances from the cities of Odessa region and times of the trips(it can change depending on traffic). If you go to Odessa airport, we recommend you to add one hour extra when you are planning your time. International flight registrations finishes 1 hour before the departure.
What should I do if my flight is delayed, if I changed the date of my arrival or time? - find answers to these questions in our FAQ page.

  Artsyz:      Distance - 152km; time 3 h $80 $150
  Balta:      Distance - 260km; time 3-4 h $150 $280
  Bolgrad:      Distance - 260km; time 3-4 h $260 $280
  Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi:   Distance - 90km; time 1,5-2 h $55 $100
  Illichevsk:      Distance - 30km; time 30-50 min $30 $55
  Izmail:      Distance - 265km; time 3-3,5 h $120 $220
  Ovidiopol:      Distance - 45km; time 1-1,5 h $35 $60
  Yuzhne:      Distance - 55km; time 1-1.5 h $35 $60

Taxi transfer from Odessa airport to other ukrainian cities - more info

If you didn’t find a city that you need among the ones that we offer, you need to choose your own rout, we will be happy to help you. Use this online form to contact our manager, who will arrange an individual plan for your trip. Give us the details for your journey, so we could quickly and unmistakably offer you a certain transfer.